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Find out about DIY Bride Guide UK and how it has become the go-to place for DIY wedding inspiration
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About DIY Bride Guide UK

It started back in 2017 when I was beginning to plan my own wedding…I like to think I’m pretty crafty, I’m definitely a little bit of a perfectionist and like most people I love to save money where I can, so DIY-ing at my wedding was high on the agenda! I used a little bit of internet searching, social media stalking and my own imagination to create things for my wedding that were personal and perfect for our day. It’s not all about money saving (although yay for getting the most out of your budget!), it’s about having exactly what you want, even if that means making it yourself. My love of making and sourcing beautiful things was all the motivation I needed to start a blog to help brides, just like you and I, who want the personal touch at their wedding. Lots of the things I’ll share with you aren’t difficult, or expensive, and I can promise you that you’ll love the satisfaction of saying ‘I made that!’

DIY Bride Guide UK Wedding DIY Blog
DIY Bride Guide UK Wedding DIY Blog

DIY Guide Bride UK is your online best friend for DIY wedding projects, supplier recommendations, wedding inspiration and more! Follow us on social media for regular wedding inspo and tips, and if you’re a dab hand at wedding DIY tag us in your creations with #diybrideguideuk I can’t wait to see what beautiful DIY wedding ideas you’ve recreated or designed!

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