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Step-By-Step Instructions On How To Make Your Own DIY Wedding Welcome Sign
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Unique DIY Wedding Welcome Sign

Unique DIY Wedding Welcome Sign

Wedding welcome signs are usually your guest’s first impression of your big day and are a lovely way to greet your guests upon their arrival. Whilst they’re not a necessity when it comes to wedding decor they are more popular than ever and can give your guests a taste of your wedding vibe. They come in all shapes and sizes, some of the most popular and common choices at the moment are welcome boards on easels, wooden pallets, chalkboards, acrylic signs and wooden ‘directional’ arrows. With so many options I really didn’t know where to turn for my wedding welcome sign as I just didn’t love any of them and I really wanted it to be unique!

Once I’d decided that none of the pre-made options were for me I knew for sure that I would be making it myself, I just had to decide what exactly it was that I was going to make…

I was out browsing for other wedding bits and bobs when I stumbled across a hexagonal mirror in the Range that I thought was really unique, I knew I had to buy it but I wasn’t quite sure where it would go, then I had that lightbulb moment (you’re a DIY bride you know that feeling). I decided then and there that I was going to buy everything I needed right away to make a DIY wedding welcome sign that very day – I am very impulsive and impatient in that way, I’m sure you can relate!

I’m going to show you how I created this really pretty welcome sign in just 4 steps with items exclusively purchased from the Range. I took some photos during the process so that you could see how it was done.


I purchased this one from the Range for £9.99 – I liked that it was a little unique with it’s hexagonal shape and that the frame was not elaborate as we wanted our wedding decor to be relatively simplistic in design. You can choose any mirror that works for you and your theme.


I suppose I’d say our wedding theme was ‘botanical’ so I kept the faux foliage nice and simple with just a few flowers and some greenery. I picked ivory peonies and bought a couple of other bunches of mixed white flowers too. Once I got home I laid out my mirror on the floor and started to cut the flower heads off of their stalks, as well as some leaves, and positioned them along the frame of the mirror until I found a layout that worked. You don’t want to cover too much of the mirror itself with the flowers as you will want your welcome message to be visible.


I went with a simple ‘Welcome to our wedding’ message along with the date but you could personalise your mirror a little more by adding your names or initials if you want to. For this mirror I actually used a chalk pen from the Range but this was before I discovered the magic of Posca Pens (and they didn’t have them in my local Range store) so if I were to do it again I would definitely use Posca Pens. If your handwriting isn’t the neatest you could always order a vinyl sticker for your welcome message from Etsy instead, I quite like the handmade look though.


I have used this little hot glue gun so much during my wedding crafting. It’s a cheap one but it works perfectly well for DIY wedding projects. Put a blob of glue on to the mirror frame and position the leaves and flowers to your liking. Make sure that you give the glue time to dry before moving or hanging your mirror.

DIY Wedding Welcome Sign

Once I was done I hung the welcome mirror on my DIY wooden pallet table plan and it tied together perfectly. I’ll share my pallet table plan with you another day – it’s actually my favourite wedding DIY project so keep your eyes peeled! I also used the leftover flowers and foliage from this welcome sign in another small project which I’ll share with you later too.

So here’s the finished result! I really love it – it’s simple but pretty and a little bit different to other welcome signs I’ve seen. What do you think?

Wedding Welcome Mirror

This DIY wedding welcome sign could be easily adapted for any style or theme,  you could have any size or shaped mirror and there are many different faux flower options around – maybe you could use faux succulents or if it’s a winter wedding holly, eucalyptus and ivy…the options really are endless!

I hope you found this little DIY project helpful and if you’ve recreated it for your own wedding or have made your own DIY wedding welcome sign in a different style please do share it with me on Instagram by tagging #diybrideguideuk as I’d love to see it.

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